Happy 2014

Follwoing a nice idea from the writer of this post (read it, it’s a good post), I’m also writing this in English… not exactly for getting more readers, not even for practicing – even though I’m sure both will happen  – but because some time in the very early days of this site (at Geocities! LOL), it had a few posts in English, and was intended to keep having more. I dunno when I stopped writing in English here, but, well, it’s coming the time to come back.

But, sure, as I know I don’t have readers who come here all the time, I guess this can really be a different way of bringing different people to this site. At least, people that are not searching the common stuff on my site, like “asm programming” or “philately”, or the most funny: “como se escreve 36 em binario” (how to write 36 in binary). Honestly. Some (or many) people came to this site using that phrase. Don’t ask me how. Ask Google. The statistics here (today) say it was the most used search expression to get here!!!!!!

And I’m sure you will NOT find that answer here! HAHAHAHAHHAHA

Bu, no problem, I’ll teach you the answer, if you have Windows (if you have to come here to find this answer, you DO use Windows):

1 – type Win key+R
2 – type “calc” and than press ENTER
3 – change the layout to ‘scientific’ (no, this part I won’t tell you how to do, it’s damn easy)
4 – type “36”
5 – can you see the options that say “hex”, “dec”, etc, and the “dec” is checked? Try to clik on the “bin”..
6 – you already have the answer.

But, honestly, GO LEARN BINARY!  It’s much easier than do all that. Maybe.


AND HAPPY 11111011110!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2014”

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