O fim da dentadura!

Você tem problemas dentários? Dênti pôdi???

Preocupa-se em, no futuro, ter que vir a precisar de dentaduras, Corega (hahaha), já que seus dentes vêm caindo ultimamente?


(pequenos trechos do artigo:

“For thousands of years, losing teeth has been a routine part of human aging. That’s over. “We’re there, right now,” says Pamela Robey. “A lot of people will go and never lose a tooth. With good health care and proper habits, there’s no reason to lose a tooth,” short of a knuckle sandwich.

“The tooth is the only part of the body that, as children, we get money for,” says Betty Sue Flowers of the University of Texas, who edited “The Power of Myth” by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers. “There’s no nail-clipping fairy. There’s no hair-cutting fairy.”

How about genetically engineered teeth, like a shark’s?

Less clear is what the story is in a place as advanced as Britain. British teeth are so bad as to have become the stuff of modern legend. In the “Austin Powers” movies, the hero’s teeth are a running gag. Toothlessness among Brits over 65 exceeds that of West Virginia, reaching 46 percent, according to the World Health Organization. In Europe, this is a level exceeded only by the likes of Albania, Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina.”)

E por aí vai. Viram? Pra alguma coisa os estudos de célula-tronco são úteis!!!! 🙂

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